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Introducing Our New Online Booking Gateway!

Although you can always call us or email for an appointment, our new online booking gateway now allows you to make and change your own appointments for chiropractic and remedial massage visits. More info.....

Are Tension Type Headaches and Migraines the Same Thing?

Ultimately the answer to this question is no, however there are some presenting symptoms which may confuse people as to whether they are experiencing a headache or a migraine. More info.....

Do I Have a Slipped Disc?

We sometimes get people coming into the practice thinking they have a “slipped disc”? In reality an intervertebral disc does not actually slip, but it can tear through the outer layers of fibrous tissue (called the annulus fibrosis) which sometimes allows the gel-like centre (called the nucleus pulposus) to push through, causing the disc to bulge out. More info.....

Text Neck Syndrome - Is it a Real Thing?

Forward head translation caused by looking down at mobile devices can significantly overuse our neck, back and shoulder muscles causing strain on your spine which can lead to disc injuries and neural problems. More info......


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