Introducing Our New Massage Therapist Lisa Donnelly

We are excited to introduce our new Massage Therapist, Lisa Donnelly, who brings a new perspective on health and wellbeing through simple but effective remedial and relaxation massage techniques.

Lisa Donnelly Massage Therapist

Why I chose to study Massage Therapy?

I am often asked “So how did you become a massage therapist?” Truthfully the answer isn't that inspiring! I was a waitress working long hours to make ends meet while studying psychology at university. I was also training to be a fitness instructor as fitness is a top passion of mine.

As it happened I needed to pick up an extra core subject to add to my psychology degree in my first year of uni. As anatomy was a prerequisite to teach fitness, I eagerly signed up!

It then occurred to me while I could use my anatomy study as a credit to aid the completion of a massage diploma. I loved the idea! No more late nights and best of all I would be on my way to be able to help other gym junkies like myself to keep firing on six cylinders! Fantastic!

I spent a year learning the hands on skills of a remedial therapist from some truly awe inspiring masters. Then it was time to launch. To be honest I was nervous, but I need not have been. To my great surprise and delight I was told time and time again, “that is the best massage I have ever had!” and my personal favourite to this day - “I feel amazing!!”

What can I say - I give credit to my absolutely fabulous massage teachers who poured their years of experience into my training and gave me the wisdom of many years of hands on experience helping people in pain. This training supported my genuine concern for patients presenting in pain with an authentic, kind and empathetic approach helped people feel they could give me their trust which is crucial for a great therapeutic massage session.

Massage Therapy

Well it is now approximately 20 years later, and truthfully I am still fine tuning my skills and while my personable approach has not changed, some of my massage techniques and philosophy has. For this I have my patients to thank, and in particular the tough hard core cement bodied footy boys, triathletes and body builders! As a new graduate with BodyPump, Body Attack and RPM training, boxing, running and swimming a part of my daily life, I was not without the strength and endurance to manually wrestle these boys bodies from cement to jello! However, there was much swearing and pain on their part and enormous sweating and energy expenditure on my part!

I found myself thinking about how we train and how we stretch, relaxing the body to provide oxygen to working muscles. Athletes understand this easily. It is important to relax before an event so when the gun goes off, power flows from oxygen flooding those muscles and giving them energy and power to perform. Tight, restricted muscles cannot take in the oxygen energy they need to work at maximum strength and power. This is why we have all seen for example Olympic athletes bouncing up and down before a race. They are telling their nervous system "relax don’t tense my muscles up, I need them relaxed to drink oxygen into every cell to win". Of course when we cool down and stretch, relaxing and breathing into our muscles is equally as important so they can return to a resting state and be ready to go and be flexible for our next session. This begged the question “what one earth are we doing!!”

I decided to apply this sports performance strategy to relax and breathe and stop the body going into fight or flight in my massage sessions. The results were so profound I have spent the last 20 years using this strategy to make massage “make sense” to the nervous system and deliver massage that I often describe as a ‘glorified stretching program’. What worked for hard core gym junkies and athletes works just as powerfully for the highly driven business person, the stressed out in need of some TLC, mums and everyone who wants to achieve postural restoration with holistic, whole body flow results.

What to know more? Come and see me and experience how a holistic nervous system massage can unlock your body and give you more energy and less pain! Looking forward to meeting you and designing your treatment program!

Yours in health,

Lisa Donnelly

To make an appointment to see Lisa, call the practice on 9913 9009 or make an online booking here.

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