Narrabeen Chiropractic and Natural Therapies offers a range of allied health services including chiropractic care, remedial massage therapy, clinical nutrition, low level (cold) laser therapy and custom made Foot Levelers orthotics.

Narrabeen Chiropractic team


Chiropractic care

Chiropractic Care

Dr Karina Drake B.Chiro.Sc, M.Chiro and Dr Michael Bird B.App.Sc (RMIT) utilise a range of modern chiropractic techniques to quickly and efficiently reduce your pain and improve your function. Our chiropractors spend time to work out what's wrong and provide recommendations based on your unique health needs and goals. Read more.....

 Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy

Lisa’s passion is helping people in pain. Whether that pain is lower back pain, an achy neck, sore postural muscles and movement from that long commute, a hectic sports schedule or just a sense of exhaustion from a fast-paced lifestyle.  Lisa will listen to your concerns and design a powerful treatment session to aid rest and recovery and use her holistically designed massage to focus on helping to resolve tension and pain. Read More ....


 Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical Nutrition

Aimee Buchanan is a Clinical Nutritionist who has a passion for achieving great health through realistic but creative ways of cooking nutritious and delicious foods. Read more......

 Cold Laser Therapy

 Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy or photobiomodulation, is a modern treatment option which is used to treat acute and chronic soft tissue inflammatory injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, joint sprains and muscle strain injuries. Read more.....

 Foot Levelers custom orthothics

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics

Foot Levelers is the world's leading provider of custom made semi-rigid orthotics. Our chiropractor's use the latest 3D digital scanning technology to first do a weightbearing assessment of your feet to see if orthotics will help stabilise your pelvis and spine. Read more.....  

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