Massage Therapy

Lisa Donnelly has a unique approach to massage therapy and offers several types of massage including remedial, relaxation, sports intensive, swedish, aromatherapy and hot stone massage. Lisa's holistic type of massage is now available at Narrabeen Chiropractic.

Lisa Donnelly Massage Therapist

Lisa’s passion is helping people in pain. Whether that pain is lower back pain, an achy neck, sore postural muscles and movement from that long commute, a hectic sports schedule or just a sense of exhaustion from a fast-paced lifestyle.  Lisa will listen to your concerns and design a powerful treatment session to aid rest and recovery and use her holistically designed massage to focus on helping to resolve tension and pain.

Lisa first trained in social work and psychology, before her love of fitness and body work steered her career towards seeking to serve and help her patients and exercise participants alike to push through pain to achieve fantastic results! Lisa loves empowering her patients to receive the best outcome from every session. With 20 years’ experience Lisa has the skills and knowledge to select the best treatment strategies to aid in the delivery of postural restoration and work towards restoring functional pain free movement.

Drawing from her training to assist others living with serious life challenges that impact our inner thoughts, life and emotional wellbeing, Lisa’s intuitive and whole person focused sessions flow out from years of experience working with the body and nervous system. Her goal is to create powerful and sustainable changes that transcend sore muscles and minister to the inner person as an important aspect of healing and recovery.

Massage Therapy Narrabeen

Your body work journey on the massage table is designed as Lisa listens carefully to your needs and concerns during your consult to discern which massage style and focus will be the best fit for you every session.

Sometimes the most healing massages can be the gentlest to allow the nervous system to find true rest, and as the mind and emotions experience calm the muscles will simply melt and release tension.


Classical Remedial

This style of massage addresses pain and dysfunction. It is best understood as a “not for pleasure massage”. For example a client with a very sore neck which has been an ongoing problem or is in an acute state of pain requires specific treatment that may not "feel good” at the time. It is not a matter of rubbing or touching a sore spot and the pain will leave (we all wish this was true!). One of the reasons a physio will never ask “is that nice?” or “does that feel good” is because to treat the problem requires more than a day spa soft touch to resolve, or else we would just rub it ourselves and wallah! It is really important to have realistic expectations of your massage session and allow your therapist to work with you as carefully and gently as possible to help the problem resolve.

Sports Intensive

Athletes are a special breed. They have very high pain thresholds from years of training and pushing past pain to achieve results. In addition to this, having their bodies in peak condition and ready to go for the next game, competition or event means everything! These clients can be fast tracked through treatment due to the bodies capacity to cope with discomfort and the learned skills athletes have to relax and breathe even when in pain. If this is you and you want someone to really sort things out or need very deep recovery work, Lisa loves working with athletes and can help you achieve your personal best with holistic very focused work.


This style of massage does not have to be just fluff, unless YOU want it to be? Relaxation can include very soft and gentle therapeutic work to those troublesome areas such as the neck and shoulders especially if you normally do have remedial but for example, are having the week from hell, have not slept and have a severe headache. In such cases remedial may be too intense and increase pain and stress. Not a best treatment approach on such a day!

Relaxation massage can achieve beautiful results in regaining that sense of deep inner rest. It is very common for clients to report sleeping far better, headaches to completely leave while on the massage table and for people to get up feeling so much lighter and with a deep sense of peace and calm. It is a massage that reveals how the mind and heart deeply influence our bodies and our physical tension. This style of massage can powerfully elevate the soul from that weighed down feeling.

Luxury Relaxation Aromatherapy and Hot Stones

Lets talk "absolute pampering"! Perfect for mum’s birthday gift, your wife’s anniversary present or just a beautiful way to take a "holiday at home"! You can experience that "I am escaping to the Caribbean" feeling while never leaving Narrabeen!

Aromatherapy awakens the parts of our brain that links us to our emotions and pleasure centres, deeply enhancing our nervous system responses to body work.

Hot stones feel incredible! The stones add a very powerful relaxation stimulus to the bodywork session by inducing that "basking in the sunshine on the beach warmth" that ensures the tension melts away, softening and stretching taut muscles without any discomfort!

Massage Therapy Services Cost
Relaxation/Remedial Massage (30 min) $70/$80
Relaxation Massage (45 min) $80
Remedial Massage (45 min) $100
Relaxation Massage (60 min) $100
Remedial Massage (60 min) $120
Relaxation Massage (90 min) $140
Remedial Massage (90 min) $160
Sports Intensive Massage (60 min) $130
Sports Intensive Massage (90 min) $170
Luxury Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage (60 min) $140
Luxury Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage (90 min) $180
Luxury Hot Stones Relaxation Massage (60 min) $140
Luxury Hot Stones Relaxation Massage (90 min) $180

* Rebates from private health funds depends on your individual fund and level of cover. Check with your fund for details.

Lisa is now available for massage bookings at Narrabeen Chiropractic and Natural Therapies with sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. To make an appointment, call the practice on 9913 9009 or make an online appointment.

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