Narrabeen Chiropractic for effective treatment of back and neck pain

Narrabeen Chiropractic - Michael Bird & Kieron Holland, Chiropractors


The Team at Narrabeen Chiropractic would appreciate the opportunity to help you improve and maintain your spinal health.

Our aim is to make your visit a pleasant and rewarding experience in a friendly and relaxed environment.  We continually strive to provide the highest level of quality chiropractic care, guiding our patients beyond symptomatic relief towards a healthier and better quality of life.

We have found that patients achieve the best results from their care in the shortest possible time when they have a good understanding of how chiropractic care works, and when there is agreement and co-operation between chiropractor and patient.


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a system of health care targeted at the spine and nervous system.
Simply put, your brain controls every event that happens in your body and it does this by sending signals down through the spinal cord and then out to every muscle, joint and organ to regulate its function. Your spinal cord is dependent on your spinal structure to function effectively. Therefore distortions in spinal structure or restrictions to normal spinal movement can affect the efficiency of how your nervous system functions.
Through the use of specific spinal adjustments, postural exercises and rehabilitation, chiropractors attempt to normalise spinal structure and function with the goal of maximum nervous system health.
Research has shown that the closer people are to possessing ideal posture and structure, the less aches and pains they experience and the less wear and tear their joints undergo with time and the better their bodies tend to work.
At Narrabeen Chiropractic we practice a broad range of techniques to suit individual needs, from gentle SOT blocking and activator, to manual diversified adjustments, and CBP rehabilitation.