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New Patients at Narrabeen Chiropractic

We look forward to welcoming you to Narrabeen Chiropractic! When you call to book, we’ll make sure you know how to find us, so there won’t be any stress getting here.

Your First Visit

When you walk in, our front desk staff will greet you by name and make you feel comfortable and welcomed. You’ll have a short new patient form to complete, and then you’ll meet with your chiropractor. Please allow about one hour for this initial visit.

After a chat to get to know you, your chiropractor will listen as you explain your health history and current issues. They’ll ask some questions (sometimes a lot of questions!) to gather more information and thoroughly understand your concerns and goals for care.

Next, you’ll have a complete exam. We look at the whole body, not just the area where you are experiencing symptoms, so this exam will assess range of motion, neurological function, balance and posture.

patient checking in at reception desk

Frequency of Care

Using a model, the doctor will explain their findings and what’s happening with your body. They’ll invite you to ask any questions and make sure you understand their answers. Then they’ll lay out their recommendations for care. This initial round of care will be not more than five visits. In those visits, we’ll assess your progress to ensure that you’re achieving better function and movement, along with less pain.

Your care plan is customised specifically to help you reach your unique goals. The frequency of care varies from person to person. However, we typically start with two visits per week until you’re feeling and functioning better. Then, we’ll reduce the frequency as we continue to stabilise your spine. For many patients, we then continue with monthly visits for maintenance care.

Other Modalities

Our recommendations for care may include other healing therapies, such as dry needling, cold laser, functional nutrition or custom orthotics. If your chiropractor believes you can benefit from any of these therapies, they will explain how they may help and what to expect.

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