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Meet Dr Michael Bird, B.App.Sc (RMIT) Chiropractor

Finding His Passion

Dr Michael photoIn high school, Michael was attracted to the medical sciences and the function of the human body. At that time, he thought he wanted to become a medical doctor. Then his dad got frozen shoulder, and none of the medical doctors he saw could provide relief or restore mobility. Eventually, his father tried chiropractic care, which gave him the results he was looking for without drugs or surgery. Michael went with his dad to his appointments, and the hands-on approach intrigued him and the clinical thinking process involved in creating customised care plans.

He shadowed a chiropractor to learn more, and the more he learned, the more he was drawn to this natural healthcare method. From high school, Michael enrolled at RMIT straightaway and graduated with his chiropractic degree in 1992.


Coming to Narrabeen

Michael practised in Launceston and Melbourne before opening Narrabeen Chiropractic in 2002. Our clinic is in a quieter part of town, helping create the relaxed, friendly atmosphere he wanted for our patients. As our practice has grown, Michael has incorporated a wide range of techniques and healing modalities to give our patients a multidisciplinary approach to health—all under one roof!

Dr Michael talking with patient


Michael is passionate about helping people and uses various chiropractic techniques to assist his patients in their quest for better health and mobility. He wants every patient to experience measurable improvement, and he makes it his mission to find ways to help them accomplish that. In the rare cases where we can’t help with a particular condition, Michael will help the patient find the right type of care for them.

Away From the Office

When he’s not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife & two grown daughters. He plays golf when he can, but his favourite activities are home projects & building things—anything that involves working with his hands. Exercise is becoming more important to him, and he creates time for strength training.

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